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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our product trackers monitors the availability of a specific product or collection of products at various retailers. Navigate to a product tracker page and you will see a table that aggregates information such as availability status and price. The data used to populate the table is updated every 60 seconds on our end. When you have a tracker page open in your browser, the table will automatically refresh for you every 10 seconds; no need to manually refresh the page.

If you want an audio alert when a product comes back in stock, just click the “Allow Audio” button and then use the audio alert buttons in the table to enable alerts. You can play a test alert to make sure your audio works by clicking the “test audio” button. With audio alerts enabled, you can just leave the tracker page open in another tab.

If you want to receive email alerts, you will need to create a Restockify account. Once you are logged in, you can set up your email address and alert settings in the account dashboard. Once that one-time setup is complete, navigate to a product tracker and enable email alerts using the email alert buttons.

Nope! You are welcome to view our product trackers and receive restock alerts completely free of charge! We may earn a small commission when you buy a product after using one of our trackers, but this comes at no additional charge or inconvenience to you.

This can happen for one of at least a few reasons:

  • If a product is really popular, it may go out of stock within seconds of the restock. If this was the case, you were correctly notified that the product came back in stock, but others were able to snag all the inventory before you got there.
  • For some retailers, we may know that a restock has occurred before it shows up on the retailer’s product page. This is frequently the case for Best Buy alerts. You may receive a restock alert, but the product page will not reflect the restock until a few minutes later. In this case, you will need to refresh the product page for the next few minutes until the update comes through on the front-end.
  • Sometimes a product will get restocked, go out of stock after a few minutes, and then someone will cancel their order shortly after. This results in 1 unit becoming available for purchase. Because there is only one available, it is very likely to go out of stock before you can snag it. Keep an eye out for this scenario shortly after a big restock.
  • Bugs do pop up on occasion… and we’d like to know about it! If you think you received an incorrect alert or you encountered some other problem, please let us know so that we can fix it!

If you know of a product that is in high demand that we don’t have on the site, we would love to add it for you! Just complete this form with some basic information about the product you would like us to add. We will review your suggestion and let you know if we can monitor it.

Audio alerts will notify you when a product comes back in stock if you have the product tracker open in your browser. Audio alerts are best to use if you are on a computer because you can leave our product trackers open in another tab while you go about your everyday business. Most mobile devices will not allow our audio alerts to function if the product tracker is not in your active browser tab.

Yes! We currently offer free email alerts on all products that we track. Just create a Restockify account, set up your email address, and then begin opting in to product alerts. While we do not offer text message alerts at this time, it is something that we are most certainly keeping in mind.

To disable email alerts between the hours of 12:00 AM and 8:00 AM, go to your alert settings and select your time zone. We also rate limit email alerts so that you never get spammed by one product that repeatedly goes in and out of stock in a short period. For any given SKU (i.e., one row in a product tracker table), you can receive a maximum of one restock alert per hour.

Right now our data is accurate up-to-the-minute. It gets updated every 60 seconds and that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If you want us to add a new product tracker, please use this form.